(English) The Shamrock Experience

Ymddiheuraf, does dim ar gael yn Gymraeg.

Biography:  The Shamrock Experience was formed by Ben (violinist) in 2006. The band has a unique approach to blending traditional reels and jigs with pop/funk and rock styles. The simplicity of drums bass and electric violin allows the band to explore improvisation and for Ben to teach ceilidh dances to go with the music. This band has received 10/10 reviews from lastminutemusicians.com

The band has played at events across the UK and is delighted to be able to attend the Llangollen Music Festival on Saturday 06th July 2019.

Members:           3

Website:             www.violinbrid.wixsite.com/bencouper

Facebook:           Facebook.com/The Shamrock Experience

YouTube:             https://youtu.be/ai_K_Sk9Pmo